We supply you with only pure and very high quality organic argan oil

Just like any others oil, not all argan oils are the same. There are differences in qualities & purities.

Our founder, Ms Fatini who still studying in Fez, Morocco has travel across the country to find the finest quality of organic argan oil. She obtained this argan oil from the best manufacturer and each batch is ECO certified in Morocco.

Ecocert is an organisation fundamentally at the heart of organic agriculture. They conduct on-site inspections that involve the entire argan oil production system. The production chain from the land where the argan trees grow on, the raw argan nut kernels, production processes and even packaging, storage and distribution. They will also carry out random inspection with samples taken for analysis. Only if all criteria have been met will then they issue a certificate.

However, certification is expensive and difficult to obtain. Costs are typically can reach to ten thousands dollars and are not affordable for small company. Thus, OUR COMPANY DOES NOT HAVE A CERTIFICATE FOR ECOCERT & USDA DIRECTLY. But we do obtain the argan oils from Ecocert & USDA certified producer in Morocco.

To learn more about Ecocert & USDA click here
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